Get a High Quality Custom 8020 Sim Rig Designed Just for YOU... Delivered in 14-18 Days 

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Each sim racer has different preferences when it comes to setting up their rig.  8020 aluminum extrusion is the one material versatile enough to provide endless design options. We want to help you streamline the process to get you into a custom 8020 rig faster.

Step 1

We will contact you at the scheduled date and time to discuss your preferred design and provide you with an estimate.

Step 2

Within 24-48 hours, your specifications will be brought to life with a CAD drawing to confirm your design and pricing.

Step 3

Once your design is confirmed, payment will be accepted and your order will begin to process.

Step 4

Your custom 8020 Sim Rig will arrive at your door within 14-18 days. 

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